How to create your ad

Creating a free ad is simple

Once registered you will be able to post your ad using the instructions below.


  1.  Drag and drop your image onto the cloud icon or browse for an image on your computer or mobile phone.
  2. Choose one of three listing types:
  • Add a product for sale (a 6% commission will be deducted from the sale price).
  • Add a Product to Receive Quote (Price) Requests from customers.
  • An ordinary listing (without selling features).

       3. Enter the required details:

  • Title of your ad.
  • Choose a suitable catergory and sometimes sub category
  • Write a description for your ad.

       4. Click the blue button 'Save and Continue' to enter more details, if you are selling a product or service.



Now to add the extra details, depending on your ad

All the details on the next page are optional except for the Country, Region selections and the Terms and Conditions agreement checkbox at the bottom left of the page.

You can either save your ad as a draft or submit it for approval by the web site administrator or you can continue to edit your ad later by clicking on your username (shown at the top of each page) and selecting View Profile.



Last updated July 28, 2020