Is Tech Making Shopping Locally Better or Worse?

Is Tech Making Shopping Locally Better or Worse?

The advancement of technology is having a significant impact on almost every part of our lives. One of the areas where this impact is being felt, is in the way we do our shopping. Shopping no longer means having to jump from one outlet to another in search of products and services. That stress has been lessened with the presence of online shopping apps and platforms that bring goods and services literally to the fingertips of buyers. However, there is still the option of getting up and hitting the store for some basic things.

Technology and online shopping have also affected the way local sellers and retailers place ads and sell their products. So, in this article, we will take a look at the impact of tech on local shopping - is it better or worse?

The Highs

Point-Of-Sale Advantages

This is especially true for shops or retailers that do not offer free ship-to-store and shipping charges. This is because of the fact that aside from stores required by law to do so, most online shops do not pass on tax from sales to the buyers or customers. This can translate into quite a sizable amount of savings when shopping for a variety of things online.

24/7 Shopping

Now there’s no need to worry about the store closing. You can do your shopping at any time of your choosing, from the convenience of your home (or wherever you find yourself). Since online stores are always open, local shopping is no longer stressful.

Doorstep Delivery

There are days when you are either too busy or not in the mood to go out. In those situations, there is nothing better than getting your shopping delivered straight to your doorstep. And when it comes to local shopping, this advantage comes with an extra benefit - free delivery. Most online retailers offer free delivery services to local buyers. That means a few additional pennes saved in your pocket as you wouldn’t have to spend money on petrol.


Forget about getting up, dressing, and going out to shop. Forget about struggling to find a parking space in front of the mall. Forget about getting into an argument with a rude service provider or attendant, or standing in a long queue to check out. Technology and online shopping have made it possible to shop from the convenience of your home, wearing nothing but your pyjamas - or nothing at all. Plus, sellers have a convenient way to sell their products by placing ads. All one needs to do is create a seller’s account.

Local Shopping Enhanced

There are shopping platforms that focus only on local shopping. This is ideal when a buyer is looking for stuff in his/her vicinity. Such platforms bring together a majority (if not all) of the local retailers and service providers.


Thank God for technology. Now not only can you read reviews about a product before making a purchase, but you can also write your own review about what you bought. Reviews offer a great guide or insight into a product or service before making your decision. And they come with the help of technology.

The Lows

Despite the many advantages of the impact technology is making to local shopping, there are still a number of low sides. But then again, is there anything on earth that does not come with some disadvantages?

Misleading reviews

Because you cannot physically inspect a product before buying, you will have to rely on reviews that can be misleading at times.

Damaged Delivery

There have been several instances where delivered goods have been damaged in one way or another. The great news is you can return such products, although it can be very difficult sometimes to be refunded. Aside from damaged delivery, some deliveries can also take a lot of time - even days sometimes, and this could be for several reasons. That is why it is not such a good idea to purchase things you need immediately online - unless you can wait for them to arrive.

No One To Talk To

Aside from leaving a distasteful review, you cannot ask to see the store manager or talk to someone. There are customer care lines you can call, though. But most of these lines do not lead you to the retail store, just the platform managers.

The Bottom Line is that technology has enhanced the local shopping experience in many different ways. Of course, there are some downsides, but they are outweighed by the positives. And almost all the negatives come with solutions. They might not be perfect, but then again, nothing is.


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