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At Beautiful Masks we believe that good design should always combine form with function. We also believe in aiming high. For a reusable face mask this means beautiful aesthetics using top quality materials, combined with an exceptional fit that is tailored and comfortable. Top this off with the superior level of protection provided by a five layer removable filter and we believe you have a truly beautiful mask.

In the early days of the pandemic we dreamed of designing and making face masks that would meet these demands and bringing them to family, friends and the wider public. As a couple with a combined background in high level fashion design, web technology and health care we believed we were well placed to make this dream a reality.

As the pandemic has progressed and the scientific research and understanding of the importance of mask-wearing has improved, knowledge about the importance of fit and fabrics has also improved. Masks with seams down the center, masks with stretch fabric or only two layers of fabric and even masks with valves have all been found to be wanting.

Today as we approach the new normal we are happy that we designed our masks to such exacting standards and we are proud to bring you our Beautiful Masks. We hope that used together with other important measures such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing they will help us all to stay safe, healthy and beautiful.

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